Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Association

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Board Resolution Ad-Hoc Task Force 


  • Diane Chardon, CGC
  • Dwain Desbien, EMC
  • Monica Wadsworth-Seibel, GWC
  • Teryl Sands, MCC
  • Shereen Lerner, MCC
  • Scott Geddis, PC
  • Hazel Davis, Rio
  • Nick DeFalco, SCC
  • Susan Moore, SCC
  • Christianne Nieuwsma, SMC
  • David Rubi, PVC
  • Sasha Radisich, GCC
  • Kirt Shineman, GCC

Administrators/District Employees

  • Paul Dale, College President, PVC
  • Shari Olson, College President, SMC
  • Maria Wise, VPASA, GWC
  • Kate Smith, VPAA, Rio
  • Barb Basel, Associate Vice Chancellor HR
  • Teresa Toney, Manager, Office of Public Stewardship
  • Nora Aguilar, Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Chancellor
  • Darcy Renfro, Chief of Staff, Office of the Chancellor
  • Matt Hasson, Marketing Director

Note: Membership is subject to change. 

520 E. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282

The Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Association is a 501(c)5 voluntary labor organization composed of current and retired Residential Faculty of the ten Maricopa Colleges.

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